Bonus Condition

Through Bonuses, 7Trust Options aims to appreciate the contribution of the active traders. In order to keep our investors appreciated and full of joy, we have several ways of offering them bonuses. However, each bonus program has to adhere to certain policies that govern the entire process. These policies are in place to ensure fair usage is being promoted and the traders/investors are provided with clarity while using our trading platform. You are more than welcome to go through all the terms and conditions that are associated with the eligibility of bonuses and their types.

Terms of Use Pertaining to Bonuses:

There are several ways 7Trust Options can offer bonuses to you but that doesn’t mean that the bonuses are always available. At 7Trust Options, you may across several bonuses that are permanent while there are bonuses that only stick around for a particular time period. 7Trust Options has been striving to make improvements with the bonuses it currently offers and it is also doing the same for the trader incentive programs. Due to the constant changes in the bonuses and incentives, there is a high chance that bonuses may be available one day and may disappear the second.

7Trust Options has full authority over making changes to the bonuses in any way, bet it the associated terms and conditions, amounts, or expiration, and it doesn’t have to notify the users/clients beforehand. Once the changes are made, it is possible that they may be reflected through the website. However, it is not at all mandatory for us to send any kind of notification or release a notice to old or new investors about the changes to the bonuses and anything associated with them.

Acceptance of the Bonus and/or trade with it is equivalent to agreeing to the Terms on your behalf. In order to initiate Withdraw after receiving a Bonus, you are required to execute a minimum Trading Volume equal to your total deposit + your total bonus received multiplied by 500. 7Trust Options reserves the right to cancel the Bonus at any time if the Customer abuses the bonus offer.

In order to maintain the effectiveness of the bonus, it is necessary to comply with the Trade Turnover, which will be equal to the coefficient of the Bonus.

The total volume of your transactions must exceed the amount of turnover before any amount in your account becomes available for withdrawal.

As soon as the Bonus is added to the balance of the client’s trading account, the requirement of compulsory trade will be applied to all transactions made since the moment the bonus was added to the balance of the client’s trading account.

During trading, the client’s own funds are used and only then - all the Bonus funds. If the client requests a Withdrawal of funds and at the same time he has not complied with any of the requirements for the volume of trading, the request for withdrawal of funds is canceled.

Different Bonuses from 7Trust Options:

7Trust Options has the right to make the bonuses available on a temporary, permanent, or occasional basis. Therefore, the bonuses mentioned below may not be able by the time you sign up with our online trading platform.

Signup Bonus:

As the name suggests, it is a bonus that you would get when you register yourself with us. Through such campaigns, the aim is to provide you with an incentive for joining our platform. Most of the time, such bonuses are granted in the form of credit. These credits can be used by yourself in order to perform trades. This way, you gain access to even more funds on top of your initial deposit that you can use for carrying out high-priced trades.

Initial Deposit Bonus:

The initial deposit bonus may seem similar to the signup bonus but it is not granted to the users/clients when they signup. Instead, it is granted when the users/clients make their first deposit, regardless of the amount deposited into the trading account with 7Trust Options. The initial deposit bonus transferred to your trading account at 7Trust Options amounts to a certain percentage of the initial deposit. Therefore, you can make a deposit with a high value to get a high initial deposit bonus.

Loyalty Bonus:

The traders eligible for the loyalty bonus are those who actively trade through 7Trust Options’s trading platform. Therefore, 7Trust Options gives them a bonus for their loyalty and trades with them for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that the eligibility criteria for the loyalty bonus are to keep trading with 7Trust Options on a regular basis. A trader with an entire active year versus you who has remained silent on the platform for over 5 years has high eligibility for getting the bonus than you do.

You would find our loyalty bonuses to be very generous because we want you to actively stick around and benefit from trading. Like other bonuses, the loyalty bonus also comes with certain terms and conditions that have to be met before the bonus can be earned.

Occasion-based Bonuses:

The occasion-based bonuses are the ones that are considered to be the most exciting ones. Through the occasion-based bonuses, 7Trust Options wants to turn your good experience into the best in the online trading world. These bonuses are made available for the users in a number of ways. You can even receive the bonus in the form of a credit that is sent to your trading account with 7Trust Options. You can even get the bonus in the form of risk-free funds, which translates to insurance. The third way of giving away the bonus is in the form of a prize that you can win by winning a certain competition.

When the bonus is to be claimed in the form of a prize, then the first condition you may have to meet would be performing trades actively. Followed by the trading condition would be other instructions that you may have to follow to win a prize. The prizes you win from such bonuses can be big or small. Sometimes, the prize can be in the form of a free online trading course or a unit of Bitcoin. Such bonus campaigns are run by us several times a year in order to keep our traders engaged and active on the online trading platforms. By doing this, we strive to add entertainment and excitement to the online trading sector.

Withdrawing Bonuses:

Before you go ahead and start claiming your bonuses through your 7Trust Options trading account, you must learn how the particular bonuses can be withdrawn. At times, there may be specific instructions or things you have to keep in mind when withdrawing the bonus credits. Most of the time, the credits you earn from bonuses cannot be withdrawn but used for trading, and generating profits. Only the profits generated by trading the bonus credits can be withdrawn.