Terms of use

You agree and acknowledge that you have fully read the Terms of Service and agree with them by proceeding with the signup process, adding funds to your wallet, and going ahead with the utility of the trading services made available to you by the company. If you continue interacting with our company and all the services we have to offer, you fully acknowledge that you are bound with our company, and agree with all our Terms of Service. If you wish to not continue interacting with our services or do not feel like staying bound to our Terms of Services, you can stop using the services and facilities that are being offered by our company at any point.

The trading, investments, and other related services being offered by 7Trust Options are only available to users/clients who are eligible and permitted by the company. Any person or individual who doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria is not permitted to use any of the trading services provided by the company. The company has the right to revoke the services access of users if they are found in breach of any aspect of the Terms of Service mentioned below. If a user is indeed found breaching the Terms of Service, the company has the legal right to confiscate any funds, Fiat, proceeds, digital tokens, or other kinds of investment/trading property.

The services that the company offers are of extreme complexity and carry very high risks. Therefore, the services being offered are not for the person, groups, or individuals who lack the experience and knowledge to interact with such services or aspects that are connected with such services. Under no conditions is 7Trust Options liable for offering any kind of trading or legal advice to any client or user interacting with the trading platform. Similarly, there is no obligation over the company to make any kind of comment or provide any kind of advice for any trading instrument or service that would be suitable for you. Also, you are not to assume that the comment or statement coming from the company is legal or professional advice for trading/investment.

Service Provisions

All users/clients who have signed up with the company, i.e. 7trustoptions.com, are eligible for following services:

  • Execution of investments and trades for the financial instruments are carried out on your behalf, but these instruments are not limited to spot forex, spot precious metals, commodities, shares, futures, and contracts for difference. Furthermore, the company would also proceed with executing orders on your behalf for commodities that are liable for futures, forward rate agreements, swaps, and trading. It also provides the same for derivative contracts that are connected with securities, currencies, yields, interest rates, and other derivative instruments that include financial measures and indices. Moreover, the company would also satisfy the digital token exchange order execution.
  • More services the company provides may include transactions that involve financial instruments that are not part of the regulated trading markets. By going through the terms and agreement, and signing it, you agree and give consent that the company will be allowed to perform trades in the unregulated markets on your behalf.

Risk Acknowledgement

  • The client will be agreeing to perform derivative transactions that would be carried out OTC (off-exchange) while trading in the platform offered CFDs. The users will not be able to close out any open position for safety as there is no exchange market involved in the process. By performing trades and carrying out OTC transactions, you are at a very high investment and trading risk as compared to performing on-exchange trades/investments.
  • Majority of the derivative instruments offered by the company through the platform are leveraged products, and their risks of financial damage and losses very high. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a person with experience, knowledge, and understanding of the derivative instruments must indulge in instruments that include options, shares, stocks, futures, contracts for differences, and other instruments.
  • There is a high possibility of you losing the entire deposit that you make initially, because of the products that are being traded through the platform of the company, which are on margin. Before you start investing in these products, you must consider your level of risk tolerance, trading/investment experience, and objectives for making investments.
  • The client (i.e. you) is required to confirm the legality and legitimacy of the source where the funds were derived from in order to make deposit into the company’s trading account to make investments and perform trades. Furthermore, the client is also required to provide confirmation and then acknowledge that they have the funds available to make decisions for the funding and investments in the trading products.

Trading and Electronic Systems:

  • The client will need access codes to enter the platform and services provided by the company in order to perform transactions and trades, and the company will be responsible for providing them. The electronic systems on the company’s trading platform are accessed and used with the help of the access codes.
  • The client must agree and acknowledge that the company will hold the right to revoke or restrict their access to the electronic systems despite having the codes, in the case where it is in the better interest of the company and its other clients. The company may take such action for the protection of other clients and to ensure that its operations keep running smoothly.
  • The company has ownership over the intellectual property interests, rights, and all the other rights. Until any amendments or changes are made, these rights will remain under the ownership of the company.
  • The clients are demanded by the company to ensure that confidentiality is maintained by them by taking all precautionary measures into consideration. These precautions are not limited to account balances, electronic system codes, funds transfers, and transaction activities.

Market Abuse and Similar Intentions

  • If a client is found interacting with any kind of investment/trading activities on the trading platform that are fraudulent and illegal, the company has zero tolerance policy against such acts. If any trading/investment activity has been described as illegal or fraudulent by the company, the client must refrain from getting involved in such acts. They must not use the electronic systems or transactions in the markets that are unregulated. Similarly, the client is required to never use the electronic systems in order to carry out activities considered as Market Abuse. The user/client must not get involved in breaching agreements and Application Regulations that the company has stamped as Market Abuse restrictions.
  • Acceptance of the Bonus and/or trade with it is equivalent to agreeing to the Terms on your behalf. In order to initiate Withdraw after receiving a Bonus, you are required to execute a minimum Trading Volume equal to your total deposit + your total bonus received multiplied by 500. 7Trust Options reserves the right to cancel the Bonus at any time if the Customer abuses the bonus offer.
  • In order to maintain the effectiveness of the bonus, it is necessary to comply with the Trade Turnover, which will be equal to the coefficient of the Bonus.
  • The total volume of your transactions must exceed the amount of turnover before any amount in your account becomes available for withdrawal.
  • As soon as the Bonus is added to the balance of the client's trading account, the requirement of compulsory trade will be applied to all transactions made since the moment the bonus was added to the balance of the client’s trading account.
  • During trading, the client’s own funds are used and only then - all the Bonus funds. If the client requests a Withdrawal of funds and at the same time he has not complied with any of the requirements for the volume of trading, the request for withdrawal of funds is canceled.