Risk Disclosure

If you feel that you will be needing the support or assistance, a lawyer, or a financial advisor before you sign up with 7Trust Options, then you can hire one. You can have them help you get acquainted with the terms and conditions of using our website in a better way. If you go through the terms and conditions, and feel that you do not agree, or do not want to comply with any particular terms or conditions, you do not have to sign up at all. It is highly recommended you thoroughly go through our terms, conditions, statements, and clauses before you sign up and start using our trading platform.


Once you click agree/yes, after accessing 7trustoptions.com, it would mean that you accept and acknowledge all liabilities and risks that have been laid out to you by 7Trust Options through the risk disclosure notice.

Leveraged Products and Their Nature:

It is to be kept in mind that every trading instrument is complex and they all come with huge risks of resulting in huge financial losses to the clients/users. Therefore, these instruments are not recommendable for all kinds of investors and/or traders. It is advised that you must go through the complexity of all the trading instruments and the risks they involve, in order to understand the working process.You must sign up only when you have fully understood the risks involved in interacting with the leveraged products, and how their markets behave.

Another acknowledgment that you have to make before signing up is to agree that you are ready to make huge and risky decisions while trading and interacting with leveraged products. At any point, if you feel that you need more guidance and assistance in understanding the risks involved, you can go ahead and do it as per your need.

Hacking and Theft Risks:

By continuing to use our services, you acknowledge that in case of any hacks or thefts such as spoofing, service denial attacks, limitation Sybil attacks, and any other kinds of malware, 7Trust Options will not be held responsible. The company will not be responsible even if such instances lead to losses or damages.

You are required to acknowledge that the company will hold no responsibility or liability for compensating or paying for any kinds of funds transferred after authorization. If a third party gains access to your credentials and carries out an authorized transfer, the company will not be responsible at all in such a situation.

Technical Risks

By signing up with our company, you acknowledge that several kinds of risks may end up taking place while performing trades. These risks may include but may not be limited to failure/downtime/breakage of internet connections, software, and software. You must also agree that in case of any kinds of unauthorized communication failures, disruptions, distortions, discrepancies, delays, or errors when using our products, the company will neither pay nor compensate or stand responsible.

You also agree that at any time, the company can stop you from making a transfer request or sending a transaction. It is also possible that the company may not receive your request for a transaction or a transfer. It can be caused due to software failure, internet connections, hardware failure, disruptions, errors, or distortion. As a result of these issues or similar instances, if you end up facing any kind of heavy losses or damages, the company will not be held liable or found responsible.

Fund Transfer Risks:

Once you are registered with the company, you agree that you will not hold the company responsible or liable for the days and the time it takes for the funds to be transferred from your banking account to reach your 7Trust Options’s trading account, and get booked.

Marketing Creating Risks:

By signing up with 7Trust Options, you provide consent and agree that for certain leveraged products, it will be 7Trust Options that will act as a Market Creator. If your do give your consent and agree, then you must also acknowledge that 7Trust Options may quote bid prices and ask prices while acting as a Market Creator. However, you also accept and acknowledge that the company has no such obligation of quoting bid prices or asking prices at any given time. You must also acknowledge that the company holds no responsibility or obligation of quoting prices for specific or maximum spread.

No Investment Advice:

You must also acknowledge that under no circumstances, 7Trust Options is required to give you any kind of investment, regulatory, financial, tax, legal, or other kinds of advice. The same acknowledgment would apply to investment and trading activities. The users/clients must not assume that any of the events, features, platforms, services, or other facilities provided by the company are a form of legal advice, and can result in losing or gaining balances, capital, funds, etc. The users/clients should not assume that such advice can help them in carrying out investments and trades while they are with 7Trust Options.

The users/clients must consider that the services and material they acquire from the company are generic. The users/clients must not assume that the services and material offered by the company are any kinds of professional-level trading and investment advice. It is highly recommended that the users/clients must acquire the assistance of a trading or a financial advisor before the signup process is completed with the company for trading or investment purposes.

Tax Liabilities:

If you are based in a jurisdiction where you are liable to pay taxes to the tax collection authorities, it is solely your responsibility to stay on top of it. It is completely your responsibility that you must pay, remit, withhold, report, or collect taxes if your jurisdiction requires it. Under no scenario, 7Trust Options will be responsible for remaining conscious in case of such activities, where you are liable because of the acquisition of forex or even by interacting with the trading activities. These activities may also include but may not be limited to capital gains, income, value-added, and sales.

Risk Disclosure Notice Changes:

The clients/users may remain aware of the possibility that we may continue reviewing our risk disclosure notice from time to time. You can find the latest version of the risk disclosure on our official website: 7trustoptions.com. The risk disclosure notice on the website is available for all the clients/users who are legally liable. The company has the right to make revisions to parts of or the entire risk disclosure notice at any time centered on the solitary preference. The company can carry out the revision with the risk disclosure notice without requiring any kind of permission or acknowledgment from the clients or even notifying them.

Client/User Affirmation:

By signing up with the company (i.e. 7trustoptions.com), the user/client agrees that they are well aware of the risks of incurring heavy damages and losses. By continuing to use our services and interacting with 7Trust Options’s trading platform, the user/client affirms that they are aware of the risks, losses, and damages involved with online trading activities and they are still proceeding with the services.